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With integrated mezzanine, the Hi280 Multi-tier Shelving system is shelving constructed as two or more levels. Perfect if you have a larger warehouse storing multiple items.

Providing greater storage capacity than standard shelving, the Multi-tier Hi280 allows for a structural mezzanine floor – built from EK uprights of 1.2mm pre-galvanized steel – above the base, with further shelves on top.

The uprights can be full length – supporting all levels of shelves and the access walkways. Or single – supporting the lower shelves and a mezzanine with free-standing shelving units above. Thinner floors also allow for an additional level of storage to be included.

The Hi280 Multi-tier Shelving system offers the following features and benefits as standard:

  • Substantial saving on construction costs due to efficient design
  • Based on well-known shelving system Hi280
  • Heavy-duty uprights to carry loads from the floors above
  • High sustaining-capacity of individual components for optimal storage
  • Fire sprinkler and lighting systems easily incorporated
  • Stairs, handrails and pallet gate accessories complement the system

Be aware that all Multi-tier structures need to be individually calculated and checked, so the following are guidelines only.

Height: up to 15,000mm*

*Standard installation is over two or three levels. However, four floors are possible

The overall size is often determined or limited by the warehouse building itself

Same as the bottom shelves, equal to 75kg – 400kg