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Tailored solutions to meet any of your special storage needs.

Regardless of the industry you operate in, Dexion's range of unique storage solutions are engineered around you. 

Ensuring you're doing things as efficiently as possible now, yet remain flexible enough to adapt as your business changes.

And if that weren't enough, if you're looking for a much more in-depth review of your warehouse or storage facility, Dexion provides analysis, advice and ongoing support to give you just that.

From automotive, tyre storage and garage workshops to food & drink, cold storage, building products and ecommerce companies, we're able to continually deliver a world-class blend of insight, guidance and practical assistance.

How can we help you?

See how we can help you or select your required solution from the options below.  If you can't find what you're looking for, be sure to contact us.

Warehouse Automation

We offer the most convenient high density, high throughput AS/RS (Automated Storage & Retrieval Systems) solution for your warehouse, whether to store pallets or boxes.

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Vertical Farming

At Gonvarri Material Handling, we’re not farmers, but we are experts at designing, engineering and manufacturing storage solutions which optimise the use of available space – the perfect partner for vertical farming enterprises.

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Complete Storage Solutions

With so many decisions to make and elements to consider, it can be time-consuming to get quotes from different suppliers, which is why it pays to have an expert on your side.

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Future-proof Your Investment

Our products and solutions are adaptable, expandable and flexible to provide the foundation of your operation for years to come.

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Reduce Your Operational Costs

One of the key challenges in today’s market is staffing. Another is the rising costs of premises. If you’re looking for ways to overcome both of these, Dexion may have the answer.

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Improve Your ROI

Our teams of Sales Engineers can provide site specific advice on which products would give you maximum gain in usable space.

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Small Items

From standard shelving and plastic storage bins, to machinery, we can offer comprehensive solutions for shelving, carton flow, machinery, or sign and marking systems.

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Cold & Frozen Goods

If you operate a cold & frozen goods storage facility, you'll already know the challenge comes in keeping costs to a minimum.

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Long Goods

Looking for safe and organised storage of your long and heavy goods? Our long-storage solutions are the perfect fit for your precise requirements.

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Heavy Items

Looking for safe and secure storage for long and heavy loads such as steel bars, pipes, tubes, furniture or packs of timber? Our heavy-duty solutions offer optimal use of space, at low cost.

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Tyre Storage

Storing your tyres in the most efficient way possible is about maximising your use of space without affecting the quality of the tyres. Find tailor-made solutions here.

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If you have a larger warehouse for spare parts, or are storing many articles with a low turnover, then a multi-tier shelving installation could be the perfect solution.

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Semi-automated solutions are designed to reduce some of the most labour intensive tasks within the warehouse. These solutions are driven by humans, but bring in elements of technology to help improve efficiency.

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Seismic Zones

Pallet racking installed in areas that are known to be at risk of seismic activity needs to be designed, engineered and constructed specifically to resist seismic forces.

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