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Our commitment to the health and safety of our workforce and customers is embedded in our working practices which are outlined in our ESG Policy. 

Health & SafetyHealth & Safety pledges

  • The  safety  of  Constructor  Group  employees  and  customers is  paramount;  all industrial  and office locations will have effective safety management systems
  • Constructor Group will actively contribute to the development of technical standards within the Storage Equipment industry
  • Constructor Group will only use suitably qualified installation sub-contractors
  • Constructor Group will promote the benefits of safety inspections to our customers
  • Constructor Group will make up- to- date product documentation available to our customers
  • Constructor  Group  will respect  all  applicable  product  standards  and  legislation  and  maintain product liability insurance
  • Constructor  Group  encourages  our  employees and  business  partners  to  report  any  failure  by Constructor Group, its subsidiaries and employees, and to respect the above commitments

These ESG related issues are reviewed twice a year to ensure they remain relevant, focused and best practice.

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