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High quality racking & shelving solutions for warehouse automation

We offer the most convenient high density, high throughput AS/RS (Automated Storage & Retrieval Systems) solution for your warehouse, whether storing pallets or boxes.

Irrespective of the business size - small, medium or multinational companies - do not miss the chance to maximize competitiveness in the upcoming digital era by taking advantage of automation:

  • Obtain optimal use of floor space – get the most out of storage volume
  • Increase availability of goods
  • Decrease storage and picking error rates to the minimum
  • Minimize throughput times

Dexion is the perfect partner for our system integrators, thanks to a smooth and effective project management and execution. In addition, our racking and shelving offer the maximum flexibility to ensure perfect delivery:

  • Complete flexibility, from load capacity and building height, to cycle times and temperature control.
  • Ideal to handle pallets or boxes with every type of crane / shuttle.
  • From design to manufacture and installation, we provide in-house support, allocating our most experienced resources in the project execution.
  • Our engineering team always make sure that our systems meet the expectations by providing safe and full reliable systems with European standards.

Check our available storage systems for automation here:

  • Crane Racking - fully automated storage system, ideal for storing pallets and large items.
  • Mini Load - dynamic, ergonomic automated solution for the retrieval of small parts.