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Pull Out Tray and Drawers

Pull Out Tray and Drawers

Suitable for storage of smaller goods. Supported on a pair of expansion slides.

Pull-out Drawer

Drawer with raised edges to store small parts. Partition holders at the front and rear long sides. Each drawer can be sub-divided with front-to-back dividers that are inserted into the partition holders. A handle is fixed to the front edge of the tray.

The size is to match standard bay dimension 1000x400 and 1000x500 (mm)
Each tray is available in two heights–75 and 150, providing internal storage heights of 63 and 138 mm.

Pull-out drawer–front to back partition:

To divide the drawer into full-width compartments. For safety reasons, the upper and lower edges of the partition are crimped. The ends of the partitions fit into the grooves in the partition holder.

Two lengths to suit 400 or 500 mm drawers, and two heights to suit either 75 or 150 mm drawers.

The drawers can be sub-divided front to back.

Pull-out Gasket tray

Tray with a perforated bottom, allowing division of storage areas into individual compartments. Accessory parts include divider walls and pins. A handle is fixed to the front edge of the tray.

To suit standard bay dimension 1000x500 mm.
The tray is 30 mm high, with an internal storage height of 29.
Hole ø5, grid dimension 20x20 mm

Maximum load of 60 kg evenly distributed.

Pull-out Tray

To store flat items e.g. drawings.

To match two bay sizes: 1000x400 and 1000x500 (mm)
All trays are 24 high, with an internal storage height of 23 mm.