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Efficient and sustainable: MOVO - the tried-and-tested mobile racking system from Dexion

MOVO mobile pallet racking

At a time when the focus is on sustainability and efficiency and new buildings are becoming increasingly expensive, MOVO mobile racking offers an economical solution for companies that want to make optimum use of their existing storage space without having to invest in expensive real estate.

With property and land prices on the rise, optimising existing storage space is the key to success. #EfficiencyMatters - Every centimetre counts.

The MOVO mobile racking system impresses with its high efficiency, maximum utilisation of existing space and is particularly cost-saving in deep-freeze logistics.

Focus on sustainability and efficiency

The requirements for modern storage solutions have changed. Companies are faced with the challenge of having to maximise their storage capacities and minimise their operating costs at the same time. MOVO mobile racking makes both possible and is therefore a sustainable and efficient solution. Existing storage space is utilised as efficiently as possible and the need for additional storage space or new buildings is reduced. This avoids high investments in infrastructure and saves valuable resources while reducing energy consumption.

The MOVO design saves space and increases storage capacity by up to 80% compared to conventional pallet racking. Store more goods in less space. The shelves are mounted on innovative, mobile trolleys that move on rails. This allows the space between the racks to be flexibly adapted and the available storage space to be optimally utilised. In addition, the need for industrial trucks is reduced, which not only saves costs but also reduces energy consumption.

Versatile areas of application

MOVO is suitable for a wide range of applications. Depending on the stored goods, classic pallet racking or long goods storage on cantilever racking, e.g. bulky material, carpet rolls, etc..

The areas of application are diverse. From the food industry to the automotive sector to production and warehouse logistics.

MOVO mobile pallet racking_deep freeze

Sustainable and energy-efficient deep-freeze logistics

The MOVO solution is particularly efficient in refrigerated and deep-freeze logistics. Thanks to its compact design and high storage density, the desired temperature in the warehouse remains stable, which further reduces operating costs. MOVO operates reliably at extreme temperatures down to -30°C and guarantees safety for people and stored goods.


Future-proof technology and simple operation

The mobile racking is characterised by reliable technology and simple operation. The mobile shelving system can be controlled via remote control or directly on site and offers various operating modes for different requirements.

The lighting is automatically activated only when the aisle is open, which also saves energy. Thanks to its robust construction and high-quality materials, MOVO is extremely durable and reliable. Companies benefit from a long-term investment that pays for itself quickly and has a lasting positive effect on operating costs.

Customised solutions and comprehensive service

Every company has individual needs and processes. That's why every MOVO is customised and tailored precisely to the customer's specific requirements. From planning and production to installation and maintenance, Dexion offers everything from a single source.

Conclusion: MOVO as a sustainable and efficient storage solution

Overall, the mobile racking system from Dexion offers a sustainable, efficient and economical solution for modern storage requirements. Companies can optimise the use of their existing storage space and significantly reduce operating costs. MOVO sets standards in warehouse logistics and is the ideal choice for future-orientated companies.

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