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Dexion: A Success Story of Innovation and Value Based Acting

Dexion’s story began with a simple yet profound truth: a solid foundation is the bedrock of endurance. Today, Dexion stands as an international established brand, used in warehouses across the world. But this ascent wasn’t fuelled by an innovative business idea alone; it was built on strong values and unwavering quality.

Our Roots Run Deep

In 1937, in the bustling city of London, Demetrius Comino faced a problem.
The storage options available for his printing business were rigid and inefficient, so he decided to focus on a humble but worthy task – make the shelves better.
Shelving wasn't adjustable and was made out of timber. Each year a significant amount of timber was being wasted to make shelving for businesses. This proved to be costly and laborious.

In 1947, Demetrius released his solution. His answer was revolutionary: the world’s first adjustable racking system – Dexion Slotted Angle. Swiftly dismantled, easily reconfigured—it was a symphony of engineering and practicality.

This innovation was a game-changer, it eliminated the need for timber and made the process of adjusting the shelving simpler and more efficient.

The warehouse intralogistics landscape shifted, and Dexion emerged as the innovator.

Dexion: Do The Right Thing

His ethos was strongly rooted in his Greek-Australian heritage – a strong commitment to collaboration, working closely with engineers and he placed a huge importance on resilience, inspiring his employees with his hard work.
The company was named Dexion after the Greek word for "right" to emphasize his belief in doing things correctly.

Family, Then and Now

Dexion began as a family-run venture—a torch passed from one generation to the next. Today, we’re part of Gonvarri Material Handling, a global family that spans continents. Yet, the spirit of kinship endures—the pulse of innovation, the heartbeat of integrity, where doing the right thing isn’t just a choice; it’s our legacy, etched in steel.

Legacy and Beyond

Over eight decades ago, one person's choice transformed us into an international business - the current Dexion brand.

We are proud of our heritage of innovation and resilience, our past is what prepares us for what lies ahead. Growing from a small company based in London, we have enhanced our offering from pallet racking and shelving to a much broader range of solutions including semi-automation such as the mobile racking system and storage machines to mezzanines and multi-tiers and clad-rack systems. Delivering a comprehensive range of solutions to solve the problems within warehouse intralogistics for our customers.

Demetrius Comino’s impact remains a beacon of innovation. But it’s more than steel—it’s integrity, resilience, and the unwavering pursuit of doing the right thing. It's a legacy to be proud of with values that we still emulate and follow to this day.

Dexion, still doing the right thing.

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