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Group Sustainability Report 2023

We are pleased to present our annual Sustainability Report 2023, which documents the Group's extensive progress and achievements in the area of sustainable development. The report underlines our ongoing commitment to environmental protection, social responsibility and successful corporate governance.

Over the past year, we have taken significant steps to further advance our sustainability goals, which are based on the principles of honesty, humility, perseverance and hard work - values that are deeply rooted in our corporate culture. These values guide us and define how we see ourselves and how we act and are judged as a company.

Environmentally conscious action

Our commitment to the environment is particularly evident in our Carbon Neutral 2030-2050 initiative, which aims to drastically reduce our CO2 emissions. We have already procured 68% of our electricity from renewable sources and continuously invested in the efficiency of our processes.

Social responsibility

In the social area, we attach great importance to health and safety in the workplace. Promoting a culture of prevention has led to 83% of our employees being covered by ISO 45001 certification. We also support local communities through various projects that benefit more than 128,500 people.

Corporate governance and innovation

In the area of corporate governance, we emphasize the importance of trusting relationships with all our stakeholders. In 2023, Gonvarri Industries was awarded a silver medal by EcoVadis for its sustainable practices, catapulting us into the top 15% of the world's most responsible companies.

The Sustainability Report 2023 is an expression of our ongoing efforts to act transparently and provide measurable data on our various initiatives. It details how we translate our values into concrete action and shows how deeply rooted our commitment to a more sustainable and equitable future is.

We invite all our stakeholders to join us on this journey and learn about the progress we are making.

We as a Group are convinced of this: The true value of a company is reflected in its actions.

Read the report here

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