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5 benefits of multi-tier shelving

Warehousing space comes with many associated costs and the larger the warehouse, in general, the bigger the running costs. Therefore, it makes sense to maximise the use of the space available, and that means not just looking at using the footprint capacity, but the height too.

multi-tierWith modern warehousing solutions, it’s possible to stack products at height without compromising safety or efficiency.

One such solution is multi-tier shelving, which has the additional advantage of not requiring automation to reach heights.

What is multi-tier shelving for warehouses?

Multi-tier shelving introduces different levels to the warehouse, with varying heights of floors and aisles, all of which help make best use of the vertical space available. They are built separately and aren’t part of the integral structure of the building.

multi-tierEach different floor level can be accessed by stairways and are linked by walkways. On each level a system of shelving is created for the different types of products.

Multi-tier shelving is particularly useful for businesses selling small products, such as pharmaceuticals or spare parts, or equally, for documents. In other words, products that need to be handpicked rather than by the pallet-load.

The operators can quickly, easily and safely access any product at any level at any time. Significantly, multi-tier shelving removes the need for large handling equipment, such as forklifts. Some pallet handling equipment may still be needed, so it is essential that the walkways are robust enough to carry the weight.

Five benefits of multi-tier shelving

We’ve mentioned some of them, but it’s worth reiterating, as – particularly for a business soon to outgrow its warehousing capacity – multi-tier shelving can be an alternative to a costly move.


  1. Maximises the use of the vertical space, increasing storage capacity by a significant percentage. It can also be integrated with other warehouse solutions.
  2. Introducing multi-tier shelving can be an alternative to relocation, and therefore a more cost-effective option.
  3. Ideally suited to items that need to be handpicked by operators and can greatly speed up the picking process.
  4. Avoids the cost of automation, as the multitier shelving system will enhance the efficiency of the operators.
  5. Removes need for bulky handling equipment, such as forklifts, and the need to install a permanent mezzanine floor.

Our multi-tier solution

multi-tierAs leading designers, manufacturers and suppliers of warehousing solutions, our multi-tier shelving is used by warehouse operators across the globe. We can advise you on the best option for your business.

With integrated mezzanine, our Hi280 Multi-tier Shelving system is shelving constructed at two or more levels. Perfect if you have a larger warehouse storing multiple items.

Providing greater storage capacity than standard shelving, the Multi-tier Hi280 allows for a structural mezzanine floor, built from Hi280 pre-galvanized uprights above the base, with further shelves on top.

The uprights can be full length, supporting all levels of shelves and the access walkways, or single, supporting the lower shelves and a mezzanine with free-standing shelving units above. Thinner floors also allow for an additional level of storage to be included.

multi-tierOur Hi280 Multi-tier Shelving system offers the following features and benefits as standard:

  • Substantial saving on construction costs due to efficient design
  • Based on well-known shelving system Hi280
  • Heavy-duty uprights to carry loads from the floors above
  • High sustaining-capacity of individual components for optimal storage
  • Fire sprinkler and lighting systems easily incorporated
  • Stairs, handrails and pallet gate accessories complement the system

There are two other important considerations to take into account when investing in a multi-tier shelving system. Installing multi-tier shelving will need building control permission, and we can work with you to ensure this is a smooth process. Second, it is important to carry out thorough, ongoing checks on the structure to ensure there are no safety concerns. Again, we can advise on you this.

For more information about multi-tier shelving for your warehouse, please get in touch.

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