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5 Benefits of Mezzanine Floors

A great solution to maximise the volume of your warehouse is Mezzanine Floors, a cost-effective way that utilises the height in your building to create available floorspace.

Mezzanine Floor StructureThe impact of rising costs from energy to transportation has had its effect on the warehousing industry. With more warehouses seeing an increase in stock imports and exports finding the right storage solution to accommodate for these situations is a high priority. Whatever the reason, whether it’s relocation, an extension or an update on an existing building, optimising the workspace is important for warehouses to operate smoothly and efficiently.

In modern warehouse solutions, there needs to be a balance between maintaining sufficient workflow and keeping on top of increasing demand without disruption to the process, transitioning from section to section requires fluidity and smart solutions. Our experts work with you to determine what your business needs are to create the right result.

Why Mezzanine Floor Structures for Warehouses?

Mezzanine FloorMezzanine Floors offer flexible solutions for a variety of needs and desires, the floor can be an operational space with shelving installed ideal for manual order picking, creating additional storage without compromising on ground floor space. It can also be transformed into offices or extra rooms when partnered with partitioning walls to offer communal or administration workspace.

With a choice of different style floors to select from such as chipboard or steel grid flooring, our team of experts will go through the advantages of each one to demonstrate which one is the best solution for your needs.

Interested in Mezzanine Floors but unsure how beneficial it would be for you and your business? Don’t worry we’ve got you covered. We’ve listed 5 benefits of what mezzanines can do for you as a warehouse logistics solution.

5 Benefits of Mezzanine Floors

Mezzanine Floor shown with stairs1. Economical

Opting for Mezzanine Floors is a good way to keep costs down and add value to your existing building, particularly when relocation or extending the existing building is not financially or physically viable. Installations are often swift and easy with minimal disruption to the business to ensure you can keep it running as smooth as possible whilst work is carried out.

Each mezzanine system includes high-quality stairways, strong safety railings, and three kinds of pallet gates to suit even the most complex of warehousing or storage requirements, providing you with the necessities to carry out day-to-day tasks without any additional cost.

2. Flexibility

With Mezzanine Floors, there isn’t just one solution to suit all. The concept is to have a space that moves and grows alongside your business. Whether it’s because you need more storage capacity without taking up too much ground floorspace or an open-plan platform, the flexible qualities of a mezzanine floor structure allow you to reuse and reimagine the space if or when the time comes for change.

3. Optimum Space

Ideal for breaking up large spaces and high ceilings in any building. By taking advantage of the height in your property, you can maximise the volume and create extra functioning work areas. Particularly if ground floorspace is limited.

Adding mezzanine levels allows you to utilise the section underneath the structure as well as adapting the platform levels to your specific requests, offering you the optimum space available to use. The perfect way to restore unused space in your warehouse.

4. Easy Assembly

The great thing about our Mezzanine Floors is that they’re quick and easy to install with minimal disruption to your business. In addition to this, if for whatever reason you need to relocate or remove the mezzanine, the structure can be easily dismantled. Unlike with concrete constructs which are a permanent fixture in a building, mezzanines can be repositioned making it a simple and reusable solution for many years to come.

5. Longevity

Like with all our products, we offer premium quality materials, and mezzanines are no exception. The heavy-duty steel structures are designed to last, withstanding up to 1000kg per m2. The durable quality allows our systems to go the distance; undertaking regular checks and booking in for an annual inspection with our qualified experts will further improve the quality of life for your Mezzanine Floor Structure.

Our Mezzanine Floor Solution

Our experts take the time to discuss with you the best and most crucial options for your warehouse solutions, they’ll also be there to ask any questions you may have. Our mezzanines have been helping customers across the globe with improving their day-to-day operations, ensuring work is carried out efficiently and effectively.

There are many benefits to introducing a mezzanine into your building or warehouse, as mentioned earlier there is no one solution to suit all. It may be that you require additional floorspace in a place where you hadn’t thought was possible; or need offices and a communal space within your warehouse building. Whatever the requirement, we work with you to find the right solution, by delving into how your business operates and discovering what it is you need to improve your business to function in a more efficient manner.

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