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75 Years of Dexion’s Adjustable Storage System

It’s been 75 years since Demetrius Comino (founder of Dexion) pioneered the Dexion Slotted-Angle introducing the first adjustable storage system of its kind to the world. Recognising a need for storage racking that could quickly and easily be dismantled and reused, Comino’s ingenuity paved the way to Dexion’s success.

Slotted AngleSince 1947, this adjustable storage system has been supplying customers with a flexible logistics solution to suit all needs.

Over the course of the last 75 years, Dexion Slotted-Angle has had a multitude of possible uses, serving our customers with a reliable and convenient solution for their storage needs and providing them with products designed to last.

Interestingly, it has been provided for alternative uses other than a storage solution. For instance, in 1956, parts were supplied for the ski stadium in the Winter Olympics held at Cortina d’Ampezzo. Whilst in 1963, when an earthquake hit Skopje causing huge destruction, Comino donated parts to assist with the construction of new houses, enough to complete two full-sized villages. As a result, the town was nicknamed ‘Dexiongrad’.

MOVOAs a member of Gonvarri Material Handling, Dexion continues to have a strong global presence in the industry.

From its early success with Slotted Angle, the company has gone from strength to strength, by developing and manufacturing products and solutions for other types of shelving units and pallet racking. As a result, has helped a multitude of customers across the globe with their warehouse storage solutions.

The brand name continues to grow and as part of the Gonvarri family, more modern solutions for the ever-growing warehouse industry can be explored. Automation and semi-automation solutions have become a prime choice for an increasing number of businesses. These space-saving and cost-effective systems such as MOVO, pallet shuttle, and storage machines have provided customers with an efficient answer to easy and safe operations.

Rack-cladDexion’s increasing success and well-recognised brand name has introduced innovative storage solutions, like mini-loads and rack-clads, for a wide variety of industries across the globe such as Pharmaceutical, Automotive, and Food & Drink.

By providing a variety of solutions, Dexion can offer more to its customers. With over 75 years of experience in the industry, teams of technically intuitive and skilled staff ensure the customer is provided with support and knowledge to ensure a successful outcome.

Progressing onwards, Dexion is involved with vertical farming projects; a new path for farming solutions, designed for urban areas where outdoor space is limited. As part of the Gonvarri family, Dexion continues to innovate and improve, utilising Comino’s initial Slotted Angle, Adjustable Storage Solution design.

Here’s to the next 75 years of reliable, practical, storage rack solutions from Dexion and Gonvarri.

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