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If you're storing large quantities of similar or identical goods, the P90 Drive-in Pallet Racking can free-up as much as 90% of existing floor space, compared to conventional pallet storage.

P90 Drive-in Pallet Racking creates efficiencies by reducing aisle loading and unloading times, yet allowing greater access compared to block-stacking. Positioning pallets on front-to-back rails allows rows to be stacked next to each other safely and efficiently; crucial for items regarded as fragile or unstable.

The First-in, Last-out (FILO) principle means individual pallets can be accessed one-by-one from the front of the rack.

The P90 Drive-in Pallet Racking offers the following features and benefits as standard:

  • More storage per cubic metre than any other storage system 
  • High density storage - maximising floor and storage space
  • Limited stock rotation – ideal for seasonal goods and chilled storage
  • Accessible by the FILO principle
  • Smooth pallet rails – for safe, snag-free load-bearing
  • Brightly coloured pallets help drivers position loads quickly and accurately


  • Up to 13.5m

Pallet loads

  • Up to 1500kg

Compartment heights

  • Up to 3000mm

Compartment widths

  • Up to 1800mm

Temperature ranges

  • -25°C to +35°C