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The quality and safety of our products is integral to our success. Our reputation has been built on it. When they specify Dexion, customers know they can rely on us to provide pallet racking and components that can withstand the daily rigors of the workplace.

Test LabTo ensure our products continue to remain strong and durable and the pallet racking of choice for our many 1000s of customers, they are tested at every stage of the process- from the preliminary design of the profiles and the materials used through to the modelling and calculations for the specific installation.

Testing is carried out at our own dedicated in-house quality control center. Based in Rasnov, Romania and covering products produced in Europe and Russia, our highly-trained engineers and R&D specialists carry out tests on existing and new products using a combination of state- of -the -art technology and rigorous quality control.

All of which ensures that Dexion pallet racking and components offer quality and safety as standard.

The Dexion Testing Lab offers the following tests:

  • Tensile testing to measure the yield strength, ultimate tensile strength, maximum elongation and Young’s modules.
  • Bend testing to ensure the material can bend at the required angle before cracking.
  • Compression testing to evaluate the load bearing and overall effect on the perforations within uprights.
  • Bending tests on Beam End Connectors to determine the stiffness and the bending strength.
  • Shear tests on Beam End Connectors to determine the shear strength of the connector or of the connector lock.
  • Test on floor connections to measure the moment rotation characteristics of the connection between the upright and floor.
  • Bending tests on upright sections to determine the moment of resistance of an upright section about its major and minor axes of bending.
  • Test on upright splices to determine the stiffness and strength of the splice between upright sections.

Specific tests are carried out on all parts and components that make up the finished storage solution, including frames, beams, beam connectors, and floor connections.

Test LabFit for Purpose

In addition to Dexion’s own strict quality control procedures, all Dexion pallet racking and components are tested to EN15512 standard or relevant code. EN15512 was drawn up for adjustable pallet racking systems and was approved in 2009 by the CEN, the European Committee for Standardisation.

To find out more about the Dexion Testing Lab, please get in touch

Testing Lab - Our In-house Quality Control Centre.

Our European in-house quality control endlessly tests components from across the entire product range, to ensure that safety remains uncompromised and are fully regulated by the European Norm EN15512.