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Installing versatile LS3 shelving in a private garage

Customer: Patrick Andersson
Location: Finland
Products / Services Used: LS3 Shelving System

Patrick Andersson, Finland At Kasten (as we are known in Finland), we are renowned for expertly manufacturing, supplying and fitting storage solutions for warehousing space, but our work is so versatile that we were able to take on an altogether different project: helping a private individual with his bespoke garage.

Our client, Patrick Andersson, wanted a customised solution that perfectly fitted the space and had to be able to withstand weight without bowing.

The solution

The correct fit for the space, product quality and product lifecycle were crucial. Our client also needed the installation to be visually appealing.

We worked closely with him, to create the ideal specification that was practical, good to look at and robust.

The result

Patrick Andersson, Finland We opted to install the LS3 shelving system. This lightweight rack is easy to assemble and the versatility of the racking means it offers maximum space utilisation according to the height of the products.

The length of the rails can be up to 2,700mm and there are shelving options to choose from, including chipboard, plywood or steel.

Our aim was to make use of the entire rear wall of the garage and the LS3 lightweight rack offered the perfect solution for the space.

The depth of the shelf was also important to the client, as was functionality and quality. Visual appeal was also essential, and so we opted for striking white rails with contrasting steel shelves. The overall look was elegant, perfect for the space, and with plenty of room in the garage to accommodate the client’s '59 Mercedes.

Patrick Andersson, Finland The installation wasn’t without its issues and there were delays caused by external factors, including the Covid-19 pandemic and a global shortage of steel.

But we kept in constant contact with Mr Andersson and we are grateful to him for his patience and understanding.

He was delighted with the outcome, and commented: “Even though I had to wait, I knew that the end result would be of high quality and elegance. Exactly what I wanted for this space. Now it's finally here and I know it will be serving me for another 30 years.”