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Alpa's new facility gets a TORNADO makeover with the addition of TCPlus

Customer: AlpaFinlandia Oy

Location: Jyväskylä, Finland

Products/ Services used: Two Tornado – VLMs and TCPlus – Warehouse Management System

Business need

Picking from TORNADO machinesAlpa is a Finnish clothing company who specialise in producing and selling alpaca knitwear. Due to an increase in sales, they decided it was time to move locations to a more modern facility to help handle the number of orders coming through their online shop.

Assessing the new facility, it was clear to Alpa that they required a storage solutions provider who were able to utilise the height and floor space of the building. Despite moving to a modern facility, space was still limited. So it was important for them that whatever storage solution was chosen ensured that there would still be enough floor space for staff to move around swiftly and smoothly.

TORNADO with TCPlusOur Solution

Our dealers Niparmi were chosen due to working with Alpa on a previous project. Impressed with their knowledge and expertise, the company knew they would be a good choice to devise a solution that would not only use the space effectively but provide faster operations to handle the extra work load, particularly when it came to seasonal changes.

As Alpa had already moved to their new facility, Niparmi had a shorter time frame to come up with the best solution that answered all their needs.

After assessing the area, our dealers opted for two TORNADOs along with TCPlus our warehouse management system that can be integrated with Alpa's existing ERP.

The Result

TCPlus system The installation of the two TORNADO machines provided Alpa with plenty of storage to stock items. The addition of TCPlus enhances the workflow with fast and accurate picking, cutting down processing times with the ability to batch pick multiple orders.

Additional safety measures ensure staff are safe during working operations. This is due to the light curtain that prevents the operators from accessing the machine whilst it's in motion during the tray retrieval stage.

The machines have seen huge benefits for the company, especially during the high seasons with a further increase in sales for the alpaca knitwear. Thanks to the clever use of space, staff were able to handle extra orders without wasting time travelling to different locations, and delivering orders within the appropriate timescale. From planning to installation, the project has been a great success with possible room for improvements for future endeavours.

About AlpaFinlandia Oy

Alpa is based in Jyväskylä, Finland and was founded back in 2012. The company produces sustainable, high-quality, and incredibly soft knitwear made from alpaca wool. Products from clothing to accessories are sold on their online shop and delivered worldwide.