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A new modern facility built for Eleiko with a focus on safety, ergonomics and sustainability

Customer: Eleiko

Location: Halmstad, Sweden

Products/ Services used: P90 Pallet Racking, Pull-Out Units, and Safety Accessories

P90 RackingEleiko is a family-owned company, based in Halmstad, who have been manufacturing exercise equipment since 1957. More recently, they have undergone building a new larger facility to accommodate their thriving business.

Business need

Eleiko required a solution that optimises the new storage space in the most efficient way possible. One of the top priorities within the design was to ensure a high level of safety measures were put in place for a safe working environment. As well as future-proofing the business for potential further development.

Our solution

Due to our years of experience and knowledge within the logistics industry, Constructor Sweden AB were selected to design and install the warehouse interior.

After evaluating the new space, our team devised a variety of solutions to optimise the warehouse floor, which would improve greater efficiency and allows for more productivity to handle the increase in consumer demand for exercise equipment.

The result

The project was a great success, we installed P90 Pallet Racking providing a total of 6,213 pallet spaces to accommodate plenty of stock. In addition, the racking was supplied with a mix of Column Guards and Rack End Protectors, along with over 30 metres of Protex safety barrier ensuring the company's health and safety requirement outlined within the brief had been successfully met.

Pull-Out Units116 Pull-Out Units were also installed for better efficiency, not only improving picking times and increasing productivity but also providing an ergonomic solution to ensure staff’s comfort during picking operations.

As a result, Eleiko have a functional, modern and spacious warehouse that offers great development potential for future use.

André Nobaek, Logistics Manager at Eleiko had this to say after completion. "We are very satisfied with Constructor, who delivered an overall solution that has met our high standards. We have great trust in this seller, with their years of experience and high level of knowledge, it was no wonder we chose Constructor as a supplier. We are incredibly happy with the results."

Members of EleikoAbout Eleiko

For over 60 years, Eleiko has been a world leader in international weightlifting, powerlifting, gym and fitness. The company works to help people get stronger and perform better in sports, and for an improved healthier lifestyle.

The strength training equipment has been supplied to more than 180 countries and is often seen at the world's major championships and in the most reputable training facilities. With a focus on quality, innovation and customer service, Eleiko is the leading supplier of strength equipment and training.