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With 79 years behind it, the LE KLINT is a strong brand in modern interior design

Customer: LE KLINT
Location: Denmark
Products/Services used: Hi280 Shelving, P90 Racking

LE KLINT LE KLINT is a family-owned lighting company, renowned globally for their Danish craftsmanship and expertly hand-folded lampshade designs. The company is a big contributor in the modern interior design industry and with the increase of popularity for the unique pleated lampshade, has resulted in a need for more space.


LE KLINT has modernized and grown over the years, especially during the Corona crisis where there was a great deal of focus on the home, it soon became clear there was a need to reconfigure the warehouse and its logistics to how it worked for them as a company and their continuing growth. They wanted everything gathered under one roof.

The challenge was to create a functioning and logistical space. Constructor had to find a way to implement solutions for various key areas that included storage functions for raw materials used in production; incoming components stocked in the warehouse or shipped to sub-suppliers; an assembly area for the lamps; storage for the packaging and finally a place to store the finished goods. All within a limited available space.

The solution

LE KLINTThe first step was the construction of a high-rise warehouse for finished goods. Constructor collaborated with the construction team to ensure the right style of storage unit was chosen for the building. P90 pallet racks were installed, holding a total of 1250 pallet spaces which now store the finished lamps.

Warehouse Manager Thomas Pedersen says: “I started at LE KLINT at the same time as the new high-rise warehouse was completed. However, it quickly became clear to us that we would soon be limited of space again. Therefore, we made the decision to remove some walls and moved around the space to establish a combined raw materials/ packaging warehouse with 1350 pallet spaces in storage.”

More recently, Constructor established a storage system for assembly parts. Here Hi280 shelving rows were installed to store parts by lamp series.

This was a crucial development as LE KLINT hold a significant number of spare parts, as they not only assemble current versions of these lamps but also repair older models if they have the spare parts available.

LE KLINTThe result

Thomas Pedersen, the warehouse manager, is extremely pleased with the upgrade of the warehouse and expects there is room to continue growing. He elaborates: “One of the successes for our growth has been the ability to deliver, and it’s important that the warehouse logistics can keep up with the increase of sales. We have been able to gather the various storage functions under one roof. It has saved time and money, providing us with the flexibility we needed.”


The company was established in 1943 and is a popular brand in Danish design and craftsmanship. With 45 employees working hard to create and distribute orders to their key markets in Denmark, Scandinavia and Germany.