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Introducing a New Addition to Our MOVO Range: MOVO 3015

Mobile pallet racking – or MOVO, the truly dynamic solution to warehouse storage – has now become even more versatile with the launch of our new MOVO 3015 system.

Mobile Pallet RackingWith the ability to bear heavier loads than before, at 15 tonnes per wheel, MOVO 3015 is the ideal solution for high load bearing, mobile pallet racking, enabling storage of up to 60 tonne per back-to-back bay. This makes it one of the best solutions on the market for heavy loads.

This newly developed solution is underdrive compatible, allowing truck outriggers to pass safely under the bay and it is defined by the same premium quality and reliability we offer with all our products.

So why choose MOVO as a warehouse storage solution? MOVO brings superb benefits, including:

  • Space saving – MOVO offers a space saving of up to 50%
  • Increased capacity – store up to 80% more with MOVO
  • Reduced overheads – MOVO brings savings on energy and warehousing costs
  • Efficiency – MOVO allows for 100% pallet access
  • Versatility – MOVO can withstand temperatures from -30°C to +40°C, so is the ideal solution for cold warehouse storage
  • AGV compatibility, ensuring your investment is future proof

A short overview

Our wide range of MOVO solutions offer full coverage, from light loads (up to 4 t / wheel) and medium loads (8 t or 10 t / wheel) to accommodating heavy loads (12 t or even 15 t / wheel).


Load / Wheel


MOVO 3004N

up to 4 t


MOVO 3008N

up to 8 t


MOVO 3008

up to 8 t

MOVO 3010

up to 10 t

MOVO 3012N

up to 12 t


MOVO 3015

up to 15 t

Our entire MOVO range has the following as standard:

  • Wide variety of accessories
  • Suitable for any kind of warehouse goods
  • Latest PLC-technology for perfect support of optional functions including connectivity to the internet allowing for remote support, plus touch screen with clear graphical display for optimum visibility
  • Designed in accordance with the European Directive 2006/42/EG and DIN EN 15095

MOVOIs MOVO a costly investment? We don’t think so. Automation and semi-automation are the future for warehousing, so investing now is a way to future-proof the business.

A MOVO system can be introduced seamlessly into a current warehouse environment and may even mean an operation can avoid relocating to newer, larger premises – so saving the inconvenience and all the associated costs.

Plus, MOVO introduces efficiencies which result in reduced overheads: you store more, in less space, and reduce your energy bills.

In particular, MOVO systems offer high energy reduction in air-conditioned warehouses, and are guaranteed to operate safely at temperatures of -30°C. This is why 95% of all European cold stores are equipped with mobile racking.

MOVOMOVO racking can be configured to an aisle length of 90m, and a height of 15m, while still allowing 100% pallet access from forklifts.

MOVO has also been designed with operator safety paramount. Should a forklift enter an aisle when the racking is in motion, a light beam triggers an alarm.

As the racking moves, it uses a soft start/stop system to ensure gentle opening and closing, reducing risk of damage to the racking and its load.

The safety features include:

  • Acoustic warning before each movement
  • Flashing light during the whole movement process
  • Emergency stop buttons on each trolley instructs immediate cut-off
  • Complete safeguarding of the MOVO area by a multi-beam access control
  • Local safeguarding of the single wagons by bidirectional light barriers in the foot areas
  • European conformity according CE 2006/42/EG and DIN EN15095 is given

MOVOAlso in our MOVO range is mobile cantilever racking, ideal for storing long goods, with loads that need to be handled barrier-free. There is no limit on the length of the stored products and there is an adjustable arm length for deeper products which we can customise to your needs at the design and build stage.

Our MOVO range is highly versatile, with options for all types of storage, and now – with the introduction of MOVO 3015 – even heavier loads.

We will also look after all of your ongoing maintenance and servicing needs, ensuring that your warehouse performs at an optimal level whilst helping meet compliance with applicable legislation.

To talk to the team about mobile pallet racking for your warehouse or distribution centre, and which of the MOVO solutions would best suit your needs, please get in touch.

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