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Introducing our new generation Medium Duty Cantilever: reliable, versatile and with shorter lead-times

If you are looking for a way to store long-length, mediumweight goods in a compact and neat space, then the new cantilever racking from Dexion is the perfect answer.

Medium Duty CantileverOur new Medium Duty Cantilever system is based on the highly successful Light Duty Cantilever, but it has been reinforced and streamlined to cope with bigger loads.

It’s the perfect complement to our Light Duty and Heavy Duty options – bridging the gap between the two – and is ideal for storing long and large goods, such as pipes, beams, steel bars, timber, or pieces of furniture.

This new Medium Duty Cantilever system replaces our previous IPE-profile based Medium Duty Cantilever. It has a modern and improved design, providing greater flexibility and pre-galvanized finish in a more compact and lighter structure, while retaining the same strength and reliability of its predecessor. The system is fully developed and manufactured in our factories.

Medium Duty CantileverStorage is horizontal, so you can handle the items either manually or by forklift. The system can incorporate steel shelves for storing small boxes and goods of various shapes and sizes. Steel end stops prevent items from rolling forward.

Additional arms, uprights and braces can be added as storage requirements change, while single and double sided configurations provide maximum storage capacity on a single central column, or to fit flush against a wall.

With no front uprights obstructing load-placing and retrieval, it is ideal for DIY, manufacturing, plumbing and pipework, and workshop environments.

Medium Duty CantileverCore features

  • No limitation to product lengths
  • Suited to interior installations
  • Easily adjustable arm distances
  • Height: up to 4m
  • Arm lengths: up to 1.2m
  • Max arm load: 1195 kg
  • Max column load: 4780 kg

Our Medium Duty Cantilever system is fully compliant with recommendations of the FEM 10.2.09 normative and EN 1993-1-1:2006 Design of Steel Structures.

For more information about Medium Duty Cantilever, (or our other solutions for storing long and heavy goods), please get in touch with the Dexion team.

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