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Dexion will be at VertiFarm in September! The first international tradeshow dedicated to Vertical Farming.

Join us at the first international trade fair for next level farming and new food systems. VertiFarm will take place on 27th- 29th September 2022. Come meet our teams at Stand F14, Hall 5 at Messe Dortmund, Germany and find out how Dexion can help to optimise your farming efficiency.


VertiFarm - Shaping the future of vertical farming

VertiFarm is a first for new food systems and the promotion of vertical farming, this concept is a way of changing the way we think about farming, particularly in urban areas. It’s time to bring the topic to light on a global scale which brings us to VertiFarm, the first international trade show to do so.

It sets new standards for vertical farming in the presentation of new technologies, complex automation, and vertical farming methods. VertiFarm approaches solutions and thematic blocks for global challenges such as crop failures, food supplements, supply security, energy efficiency and urban sustainability. Additionally, it’s the first pure trade show for the industry, showcasing all stages of the supply chain in vertical farming.

Messe Dortmund is the ideal location, it’s a modern and leading-edge trade show venue, which combines knowledge, technology, development, and networking at one of the most important logistics locations in Germany. The perfect place to provide exhibitors and visitors a 100% tailored experience with the sole purpose of focusing on such an important global topic.

Our stand at VertiFarm

Find us at Stand F14, Hall 5 at Messe Dortmund, where we’ll have videos, scale models, shelving bays and samples of our various systems for you to explore. Also, you’ll get to meet our teams from the German and Romanian offices, where they will discuss how we can support you on your vertical farming venture.

So why wait? Book your free tickets now to the world’s first trade show dedicated to Vertical Farming! Go here to reserve your complimentary tickets.

Strong partnerships

As a member of the Association for Vertical Farming (AVF), we’re proud to be exhibiting at the first ever fair of its kind. AVF is one of the three founders of VertiFarm and is the world’s leading non-profit organisation that facilitates international sharing and collaboration to accelerate the development of indoor/ vertical farming. VertiFarm will showcase the rapid development of tomorrow’s vertical farming business models offering the industry an insight to a fantastic forum for discussion and interaction.

Dexion and the Global Vertical Farming Campaign

With the world’s population expected to exceed 9.7 billion people by 2050, vertical farming will become a necessary solution in worldwide food production.

At Dexion, we’re not farmers, but we are experts at designing, engineering, and manufacturing storage solutions which optimise the use of available space – the perfect partner for vertical farming enterprises.

Vertical farming offers environmental and economic benefits. It maximises use of small areas, requires fewer resources to operate (such as water) and is not weather-dependent, therefore providing crops all year round.

Currently, there are around 74 acres of operational vertical farming in the world, so it contributes just a tiny proportion to the world’s agricultural sector, but there is enormous scope to expand this.

Where traditional cultivation takes place outside in fields or greenhouses, usually on one level, vertical farming moves the process indoors and uses multiple levels, going upwards and taking advantage of height – something Dexion has perfected over countless years of experience in utilising warehousing space for various industrial installations.

Our increasing involvement in this critical sector is testament to our expertise in design, structural engineering, and industrial production. In helping our farming partners to realise their ambitions.

Join us at VertiFarm. Don’t forget to book your tickets! To find out more about the VertiFarm event, follow the link here.

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