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Drive-in racking in combination with pushback racking doubles the storage capacity for tortilla producer

Customer: Tortilla producer and distributer
Location: Limburg, The Netherlands
Products / Services used: Drive-in racking in combination with pushback racking with rollers

Tortilla, The NetherlandsThe company produces and distributes wheat tortillas and tortilla-based food products for wholesale and retail. As a specialist in Mexican food products, they are known for their innovation and product quality.

The requirement 

The customer's wish was to double the pallet storage in its current warehouse. An additional challenge turned out to be the filling of these positions, as this is carried out in shifts.

Our solution

During the day, the racks are supplemented with products by the people of the expedition. They use forklift trucks and can therefore store pallets at various heights. However, the racks are supplemented at night by the operators from the production. These operators only use pump trucks, which made it impossible to store the goods at height. As a result, the height of the building could not be used optimally.

That is why Dexion has devised a combination of storage racks. Namely a traditional drive-in rack at ground level and above that a pushback rack on rolls. This combination fitted perfectly with the work processes of the customer.

By designing the ground level as a traditional drive-in racking, operators can store their batches at level. With a pump truck, the pallets, often up to 1.80 meters high, can be placed on the ground.

Pallet pushback racks on rolls were chosen at the first level. A track of rolls with a slope of 4% ensures that the pallets automatically roll forward due to gravity. The expedition employees can store their batches that they store during the day on the pushback racks. They can also remove the pallets directly from the pushback rack and prepare them for transport, instead of having to drive in the traditional drive-in rack.

Tortilla, The NetherlandsResults

With this combination of storage racks, this has greatly increased the picking speed in the expedition and doubled the storage capacity. An additional advantage is that only pallet trucks drive in the rack, which drastically reduces the risk of collision damage.

The channels are 6 and 7 pallets deep, in total this offers a storage capacity of over 900 pallet places.

This tortilla producer was already familiar with the good quality of Dexion warehouse racks. The tailor-made design, taking into account the working process, has made the deciding factor in choosing Dexion again.

About the customer 

The product range consists of fresh and frozen tortilla wraps, meal packs and tortilla chips. In addition to the well-known wheat tortillas, they also supply additional products, such as Mexican salsa sauces, spice blends and taco shells. This company has been around for more than 10 years and collaborates with Dossche Mills, one of the largest European players in the wheat market. The business and production processes are BRC A-Level and IFS Foundation certified. The production process as a whole is managed by means of HACCP tracking.