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More pallet locations with P90

Customer: Toft Care
Location: Roslev, Denmark
Products/Services used: P90 Pallet racking

Toft Care, DenmarkFor the past 3 decades Toft Care, a family-owned company, has been involved in protein enrichment in food within the health sector, including nursing homes and hospitals.

Innovation has always been a focal point; this has already led to the introduction and development in the sports nutrition business industry. Today’s athletes place great demands on nutritional value, particularly for those performing in an Endurance Sport, where the body is constantly active for long periods of time.


The collaboration with Constructor is the result of a growth increase that challenged the warehouse’s logistics. With the growth also came new products making it difficult for the warehouse to keep up with the constant demand. Anything in bulk like common and raw materials or finished goods were stored on the floor, this not only made it time-consuming when it came to handling the items but also inefficient.


Toft Care have 3 warehouses, of which only Hall 1 and partly Hall 2 were in use. The 3rd hall remained unoccupied. The solution was to equip Hall 2 with P90 pallet racks, which has provided a total of 350 pallet spaces. However, it quickly became apparent that more storage capacity was needed, and the next step was to put Hall 3 to good use. This hall is used exclusively for the storage of raw materials used in the production of powder. P90 pallet spaces were also installed in here, with a total of 150 pallet locations.

Both raw material and finished goods warehouses still have available capacity, which provides flexibility for storing more goods and avoids time-wasting by moving the pallets around.

The latest step in warehouse optimisation was introduced at the start of the year, when a new inventory system with location management was brought in. In the past, a lot of time was spent positioning the pallets in the right order to ensure precise picking. Today, with the chaotic warehousing in use. Pallets are assigned a slot based on where spaces are available at that time. All goods are labelled with a unique code, and everything is scanned into the location system which shows where to pick the pallet next time.

Toft CareResult

Prior to the warehouse optimisation, several considerations had been made in order to achieve a better workflow, overview and efficiency. As a result, the new storage solution and inventory system has saved time for the staff on the warehouse floor.

Jesper Delgaard from Toft Care explains how this has improved warehouse operations:
“As a food producer, we are subject to strict hygiene requirements, particularly because we are ISO22000 certified. This means that we focus a lot on order and cleanliness. For example, production and warehouse are cleaned once a week. Our storage solution has made a huge difference with the pallets positioned in racking, the warehouse offers a clean and organised looking space. The system provides an overview along with the stock management, we have good control of picking in relation to date and batch number.”

About Toft Care

The company goes back 3 generations, and originally started in agriculture. Toft Care employs 20 people, who are divided into production, warehousing and administration. Though Denmark is their main market and serviced with daily shipments of pallets and packages, goods are sold to the Nordic countries and the rest of Europe via its own web shop and collaboration with various retailers.