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Dexion gives MTU Detroit Diesel a new perspective on available space

MTU Detroit Diesel, The Netherlands

Case Study Overview

Customer: MTU Detroit Diesel
Location: The Netherlands
Products/Services used: P90 Pallet Racking; HI280 Shelving, and two ME250 Mezzanine
floor systems

Business need

MTU Detroit Diesel operate an after sales support business across the Benelux region for Mercedes Benz Industrial Engines and VM Motori products. In its warehouse facility, a wide range of products are stored, varying in size, shape and weight.

The warehouse was required to store additional items in MTU Detroit Diesel's business and because of the non-standard shapes and sizes, an off-the-peg solution would not have met the clear business need.

Dexion solution

MTU Detroit Diesel had partnered with Dexion at another facility. Due to the successful implementation of this storage solution, MTU Detroit Diesel were keen to partner with Dexion again. A solution was needed for storing its products within the existing building without expansion, or seeking a new site.

mtu detroit diesel sk

Dexion quickly developed a solution which used the existing space in a more effective way. By using a combination of P90 Pallet Racking and HI280 Shelving, a better use of space was achieved.

The ME250 mezzanine floor system enabled full use of the building height, while P90 Pallet Racking and HI280 Shelving was also implemented for this additional floor.

Benefit of the Dexion solution:

  • An existing relationship meant Dexion already had a deep understanding of MTU Detroit Diesel's business needs.
  • Guaranteed fast, efficient and accurate order performance across all product lines.
  • No interruption to existing high-volume business while expansion took place at the same site.
  • Achieved maximum storage capacity within the building via mezzanine level extension, along with more efficient pallet racking and shelving systems.
  • Offered firm foundations for a reliable logistical supply chain.

The result

MTU Detroit Diesel partnered with Dexion on this project because of their success on other projects in the past. It was a solution allowing for a complete re-think of the space available, and has ensured storage of products in the most efficient way possible.

About MTU Detroit Diesel

MTU Detroit Diesel offers sales, after-sales support, marketing and application engineering for the full range of MTU, Detroit Diesel, Mercedes Benz industrial engines, and VM Motori products for the Benelux region.

The company offers the most comprehensive range of products, with diesel engine and gas turbine solutions spanning 15kW to 27,600kW for Marine, Industrial, PowerGen and Rail applications.