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Customer: MO Implements
Location: Denmark
Products/Services used: Hi280 Shelving, P90 Racking, Cantilever/grid in deepstore solution

MO ImplementsMO Implements is a wholesaler in forestry and agriculture, as well as the construction industry. The company specializes in tools for all types of machines. This means both implements for front loaders, loaders and excavators. Such heavy duty, space consuming machines challenge any storage solution, not only in terms of safety but also handling.


The collaboration with Constructor dates back to 2012 when MO Implements moved to a new premises. This move was the result of a rapid development where the growth curve continued to rise. The need at that time was a system for spare parts, and here the solution was Hi280 shelving. Since then, the system has been expanded with a mezzanine to include shelving on the upper level of the mezzanine.

The solution

MO ImplementsAnother challenge in terms of safe storage and handling was the various machines, which are both long and bulky. Here, standard P90 pallet racks were mounted in double depth, and fitted with mesh shelves. This solution has the advantage that the goods can be stored across the shelf and thus solves 2 tasks at once: the expensive and heavy goods are stored safely, while making the best use of space.

This recent project has sprung from yet another vision of utilizing the available square meters: cantilever racking equipped with gratings form a deep store rack for storing machines. Owner Martin Gjørtz explains: “These machines are standard versions that are similar to each other. They have the same working width, so it does not matter in what order they are picked from the rack. This solution stores 3 machines in height and 5 in depth, which provides storage of 15 machines, where we would otherwise only store 5. This solution works super well, and the handling goes smoothly. We do not have to drive many meters with the truck. At the same time, we have made sure to over dimension the racking so that the load capacity is top notch”.

MO ImplementsThe result

But MO Implements and Constructor have not only a good collaboration around storage solutions, but also around rack safety. Martin Gjørtz elaborates: “We have the statutory inspection carried out once a year, and it is followed up with a written report. If there is a need for remediation, I get a list and then it gets fixed. For us, it is important that we always have a warehouse where safety is both top notch and meets current legal requirements. But it is only one side of this collaboration, the other that is at least as important, is the sparring we have. Here, Constructor comes up with good ideas for how we can optimize the site, but always from a safety perspective.”

About MO Implement

The company was established in the beginning of 2002, and is an importer of machines for agriculture, forestry and the construction industry. MO is one of the small and medium-sized companies with seven men divided into administration, sales, warehousing and technical support. The high season runs from March to September.