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Hi280 shelving makes it easier to get an overview of the items for manual picking

Customer: MECA
Location: Elverum, Norway
Products/ Services Used: Hi280 Shelving System

MECAMECA is a leading supplier for the market of spare car parts, tools, and workshop equipment. As the business continued to grow, the original building of 30 years was no longer big enough to function well in. It was decided they would build a new larger facility.

Having worked previously with MECA before on other projects, Constructor were the first and obvious choice to help finalise the new build with their logistical warehouse solutions.

Business Need

MECA’s new facility required a modern approach with a strong focus on their employees, ensuring there was a great and efficient working environment for everyone.

MECAThe warehouse had to include space for sales, service and stock under one roof. Products also required easy storing with optimal access for faster order picking.

The solution

Constructor decided the best solution for this project was Hi280 shelving system to maximise the available floorspace in the warehouse. As a result, Constructor installed 3,400 metres of shelving over 375 bays creating the space for over 15,000 different products.

The galvanised steel shelves have given MECA’s new facility a sleek and modern look. The Hi280 shelving offers the employees great visibility, allowing for easier and quicker manual picking providing more efficiency in the workplace.

MECAThe result

Odd Berntsen, the operations manager at MECA, has been with the company for 40 years. He and his colleagues are looking forward to working in a more modern and efficient environment.

“Working with Constructor has been easy, and we’re very pleased with the end result. Constructor delivered great quality storage and provided excellent service too.” says Odd Berntsen.

About MECA

The MECA Group is a business based on efficient distribution of spare car parts and tools via their express warehouses to professional car repair shops. Everything they do aims at one thing – a simpler and more cost-effective car ownership with the highest quality and service.