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Efficient storage of drainage channels

Customer: Hauraton GmbH & Co.
Location: Ötigheim, Germany
Products: Channel storage & 10 pallet shuttles combined with P90 pallet racks and picking tunnels, Two Tornado storage machines with TCPlus Software

The requirement

Hauraton, a world leader in the drainage industry, has developed a variety of pioneering solutions for rainwater drainage since its foundation in 1956. The products are used all over the world, and can be made to measure, if required. Whether its for the Porsche Museum in Stuttgart, a football arena or a private family home; Hauraton offers a solution for every requirement.

Hauraton GmbH & Co.With an increase in sales, the warehouse at the Ötigheim plant needed significantly more storage capacity. The warehouse also required modernising to become a more effective, high-density operational space. It was important for Hauraton to offer its employees a comfortable and ergonomical working environment.

An additional challenge was to find the right solutions for the wide range of products that consisted of various weights and dimensions. This included finished products, semi-finished goods, spare parts and small parts, which all had to be stored safely and effectively for easy access. For example, heavy concrete gutters must be stored securely to prevent damage of the product and enhance the employees safety as the pallet weighs up to 1.2 t.
It was Dexion’s expertise, product knowledge and smart solutions that were key in securing the job at Hauraton.

The Solution

Dexion team advised on converting the existing warehouse with a variety of racking products.

This big project included static pallet-racking, semi-automated channel storage combined with P90 pallet racking and single-station pallets on rollers. The roller system was designed specifically for storing the heavy concrete channels. Pallet shuttle systems were also installed for faster and more efficient picking.

For smaller parts such as assembly materials and spares, two Tornado® storage machines stand at 7m high, this makes use of the height of the building saving valuable floor space. Each machine has 35 trays and are operated with TCPlus software to ensure accurate picking. In addition, pull-out units were added for smaller, heavier items for easier and safer access.

Hauraton GmbH & Co.Channel storage & 10 pallet shuttles combined with P90 pallet racks and picking tunnels

  • A total of 8 blocks of channel storage, partly combined with stationary P90 pallet racking, offer space for approx. 4,500 pallets
  • The packing dimensions of the pallets are matched to the height of the storage channels
  • A total of 10 pallet shuttles move the pallets in the storage lanes
  • Heavy items, e.g. concrete gutters are stored on gravity roller conveyors at floor level, approx. 90 pallet positions
  • Average pallet turnover 500 pallets per day / 2 shifts
  • Maximum pallet turnover up to 800 pieces per day / 2 shifts

Hauraton GmbH & Co.Two Tornado storage machines with TCPlus Software

  • A small parts warehouse offers 262 m2 of storage space on a footprint of only 13.4 m2
  • 35 trays each holding spare parts and assembly material
  • Saves time by travelling shorter distances and faster speeds
  • Fast and accurate order picking
  • The warehouse lifts work according to the "goods to person" principle, so workplaces are designed to be as ergonomic as possible, work performance is increased and safety for the operator is optimised
  • The TCPlus software, a Windows-based WMS system, ensures accurate and constant up-to-date stock control

The Result

Previously, the existing storage held up to approx. 2,000 pallets but since the conversion this has more than doubled by 2,500 with the total coming to 4,500 pallet spaces.

Hauraton GmbH & Co.Additionally, space was created for a generously sized order-picking zone with a conveyor line and packing machine. Along with the two Tornado storage machines. As a result of the new improvements, turnover has increased by 20%.

"From the first meeting with Dexion and the on-site sales consultant, Mr. Andreas Dorn, to the placing of the order, has been a constructive and pleasant experience. In addition, we had leeway and expert support in customising the storage solution, especially in adapting it to our special requirements. As a result, we have the storage solution that fully meets our requirements." Stefan Wolter, Head of Logistics Hauraton GmbH & Co. KG - Ötigheim plant

Hauraton GmbH & Co. KG - Plant, Ötigheim

Hauraton has been a specialist in surface drainage for over 60 years and is internationally renowned, with a total of 350 employees worldwide, they have seen a huge success. With an extensive range of products for linear and point drainage, stormwater treatment and infiltration, Hauraton is a reliable partner for the construction industry.