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Tower Storage Machines are designed for storing and handling of various types of heavy goods, especially material made of metal.

Tower Storage Machines are often used in the production for intermediate storage of material, near the cutting or bending machines, or as an inter-operative warehouse. The material stored is typically sheet metal or profile rods and tubes.

The vertical system can be fitted with more operator areas, either at front and/or at the side.

The operator area design allows you to load and unload entire packages of heavy material using a forklift, or to handle individual pieces, manually by a crane or automatically with in-out feeder. It can be equipped with a weighing scale to register the weight of the material being loaded or unloaded.

A touch screen on the control panel enables manual or automatic mode of storage operations. The control system is prepared for external communication and integration with Warehouse Management Systems.

It is possible to combine individually working Tower Storage Machines to create a controlled multi-warehouse system:

  • Mono Tower - simple vertical storage system with one tower, lift and fixed operator table.
  • Double Tower - set of two storage towers, with a single lift. Horizontal trolley transfers the loading unit from/to the operator area.
  • Multi Tower - system compiled as a module combination of Double Tower(s). The combination creates a large storage capacity.

Tower Storage Machines Variations

Tower MS - a very robust welded structure, adjusted inside for vertical storage of individual handling units. It  is designed for storage of sheet material, most commonly used for storing of metal sheets. The Tower MS can be designed as Mono, Double or Multi Tower.

Tower LS - adapted for storage of individual loading units in two towers (columns) facing each other. It is designed for storage of long span material like rods, bars and profiles. The Tower LS can be designed as a Double or Multi Tower.

Tower S - designed for storage of heavy oversized material, like press molds or heavy goods on special pallets. It combines the features and benefits of MS and LS Towers. The Tower S can have one or more operator areas, at front, back or on the side of the machine.

These systems offer the benefits such as:

  • “Goods to operator” principle
  • Quick and full access to stored goods
  • Effective space utilization
  • High capacity on small footprint
  • Safe environment
  • User friendly control system