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Whether you are developing, manufacturing, or distributing and selling pharmaceutical products, our wide range of adaptable products meets the most stringent requirements for the safe and correct storage within the Pharmaceutical Industry. It goes without saying there is no room for error, as the consequences can be fatal. 

If you have various requirements for safety, traceability, hygiene and temperature, then this will often result in a demand for a custom-made storage solution.

Some of the challenges you may face include:

  • Temperature requirements to maintain product quality
  • 100% traceability for monitoring expiry dates
  • Maintaining a sterile environment
  • Stocking a wide range of products
  • Requiring a large amount of storage capacity in a small area
  • Security restricted storage with control over access

Racking – for palletised goods

Dexion's racking has numerous design layouts that can be used in ambient or chilled environments.

  • Wide-aisle racking for easy access
  • Mobile Pallet Racking for dense storage
  • Pallet Shuttle/Drive-in without access lanes for bulk storage
  • Carton or Pallet Flow for automatic stock rotation

Shelving – for efficient small part storage

Medical centres, hospitals, vets and pharmacies all need to stock a high number of product lines to accommodate their patients' needs.

Our shelving range offers the full spectrum of traditional, mobile and multi-tier features and benefits:

  • Galvanised finish
  • Ideal for ambient or chilled areas
  • Range of design layouts
  • Easy to adjust or extend with modular design
  • Perfect for small component storage
  • Mobile shelving offers added security features

Storage Machines – Security & Safety

As a high-density solution, a Dexion storage machine enables medical practices or pharmacies to:

  • Securely automate storage within a single unit
  • Reduce picking errors by up to 60%
  • Achieve a high level of security
  • Eliminate the need for shelf space
  • Create additional room within often-limited space