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When it comes to finding the right storage solution for your garage or workshop; the determining factor is always to find a system that's economic and ergonomic. Here you'll find storage solutions for small or bulky items, or items to be kept secure or dust-free.

All kinds of different storing solutions can occur in a small workshop; from palletised goods or the storage of long goods, to valuable tools and instruments or small parts in plastic bins within shelving systems.

Our product range covers the storing of tools, components and fittings of different kinds for garages and workshops.

Hi280 Shelving System – a multi-storage system for smaller parts or plastic boxes:

  • Long goods racking available as cantilever
  • Cloth lockers and work tables for frequent-occurrence products
  • Tornado storage for small, valuable and often sensitive components

Pallet racking P90 Silverline – standard height 12m without joints

Cantilever racking – ideal for both light and heavy loads

Storage cabinets & clothing lockers – for personal storage or smaller components

Storage machines: Tornado – adaptable to your requirements in line with loading capacity and dimensions.