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Whether you're a traditional retailer, or a new online business, the challenges are the same. You need a sales process and storage methods that meet the demands and high-expectations of your customers.

The e-commerce sector grows rapidly year on year. If you operate a business in this sector, then you know how crucial it is to offer short delivery times, have a low error rate and provide excellent service levels without exception.

Simple, streamlined ordering procedures, effective return routines, and a consistent and well-functioning logistics system, are all essential for success.

Our solutions can easily adapt to volume and stock changes, whilst ensuring quick access to keep up with the fast market place.

Automated Storage Machines – Increase your picking rates

A fast and accurate delivery process earns the trust of the well-researched online shopper. Dexion's range of Storage Machines automates your operation.

Easily connecting to your existing WMS or ERP, this is the optimum solution for goods traceability – and with the added option of restricting access for certain goods to trusted employees.

  • Reduce picking errors by up to two thirds
  • Reduce picking time, and remove unnecessary walking between pick locations
  • More accurate stock inventory and usage can be monitored
  • Easy to use and connect to ERP and WMS with TC2000
  • Saves up to 70% floor surface

Fast hand-picking operations

The flexible design of the Hi280 Shelving range can be designed and constructed to exactly meet the challenges you face in a hand-picking operation, with the ability to adjust and expand as your business grows.

From single-tier solutions, to mobile and multi-tier options, additional flexibility lets you get the most from your investment and make it work for you.

  • Galvanised shelving system for increased durability
  • Fast access to stored goods
  • Range of accessories to customise your shelving system
  • Adaptable to your future needs thanks to flexible design

Neat and efficient storage of small parts

To keep your stock rotated correctly, a picking station with roller tracks allows for the transportation of cartons to the assembly station – without the need for manual intervention or automation.

  • Enables loading at the rear and unloading at the front
  • Operates using a FIFO (First-In, First-Out) picking method
  • Suitable for transfer of cartons and picking of pallets

Pallet Racking Systems – for heavier loads

You already know that there can often be a number of different solutions within a single warehouse, reflecting various picking and storage requirements.

Pallet racking is the traditional warehouse storage method – yet the design can significantly improve stock-rotation, ease of access, and how your stock is picked.

  • Wide Aisle Pallet Racking – unrestricted access to all pallets and suitable for all types of storage needs, with no significant restrictions to pallet size or dimensions
  • Drive-In or Pallet Shuttle – ideal if you're storing large quantities of the same type of goods
  • Pallet Flow – ideal for stock-rotation challenges, a gravity-fed roller system that moves pallets to the front face, without automation
  • Mobile Pallet Racking – racks move along floor rails to create the required picking aisle; saving up to 40% of the space needed by wide-aisle pallet racking