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Matt Grierson is new President at SEMA

SEMA, the Storage Equipment Manufacturers’ Association has appointed Matt Grierson, MD of Constructor Group as president and Chris O’Connor, MD of Moresecure as vice-president. Both will hold office for two years.

Matt Grierson President at SEMAMr. Grierson has paid tribute to the heavyweight contribution that SEMA has made to the development of industry standards, methodology on site and safety issues. The association was established some 50 years ago and builds ever closer links with statutory and lead bodies including the HSE, CSCS and RoSPA.

He said; “The safety job’s not done until the industry becomes a zero-accident place to work. Everyone has a contribution to make, from young trainee installers to MDs of major distribution companies. It’s a tall order but I want everyone to know how to get involved.

“Safe, efficient storage follows a three-step process; design, installation and maintenance. Ask yourself where you fit in and take positive steps. If you need help, there are some 60 SEMA member companies out there providing full support.

“In parallel, It’s good to hear that the Construction Products Association (CPA) predicted in 2014 that the market for industrial warehouses would grow by 10% during 2015 and by 5% between 2016 and 2018.*

“In servicing growth, many a buyer will be bewildered by choice out there on the internet. They just need to remember that safety and efficiency don’t necessarily come at an added price. Right first time is proven to be cheaper than resorting to remedial action. Get it wrong at your peril; The bitter taste of low quality remains long after the sweet taste of low cost and all that!”

Matt’s global experience also equips him with an in-depth understanding of how SEMA can consolidate its reach, not only in the UK but also in international markets.

SEMAis the British Trade Association of the Storage Equipment Industry. It is committed to promoting and extending the safe design, installation and use of storage equipment manufactured and supplied by its members.

For information on services or membership visit or call 0121 601 6359

* Source CPA Construction Industry Forecasts 2014-2018.

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