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Gonvarri Material Handling Joins Global Vertical Farming Campaign

We’re proud to announce that we’ve become members of the Association for Vertical Farming (AVF), a leading global, non-profit organisation enabling international exchange and cooperation with the aim of accelerating the development of the indoor/vertical farming industry.

With the world’s population expected to exceed 9.7 billion people by 2050, the Association has a vital role to play in promoting science and research into vertical farming. It also runs education and charitable programmes to encourage more widespread adoption.

As a member of AVF, we’ll be part of the drive to encourage the take-up of vertical farming methods, such as a hydroponics and aquaponics, which use indoor spaces – like warehousing – to grow crops on a vertical shelving system, without soil.

AVFVertical farming offers environmental and economic benefits. It maximises use of small areas, requires fewer resources to operate (such as water) and is not weather-dependent, therefore providing crops all year round.

At Gonvarri Material Handling, we are world-leaders in the manufacture and supply of storage products and solutions, and are ideally suited to supporting growth of the vertical farming industry.

With manufacturing facilities strategically located in the key markets of Russia, Romania, Finland, Sweden, Czech Republic and Germany, but also in some Asia-Pacific regions and salesforces across Europe, Africa, the Middle East, North and South America, Asia and Australia we have a worldwide presence, so can work with AVF in its projects globally.

AVF“We are delighted to have joined the Association for Vertical Farming and to be able to work alongside them in the important work they do. Vertical farming is one clear solution to the problem of how to feed the world’s growing population with finite space and resources,” said Sergio Rodriguez Cuesta, Gonvarri Material Handling’s CEO.

“Our ethos is all about making optimum use of warehousing space through our innovation storage solutions. Therefore we believe we can add real value to the work AVF does and are looking forward to collaborating on our first projects together.”

Currently, there are around 74 acres of operational vertical farming in the world, so it contributes just a tiny proportion to the world’s agricultural sector, but there is enormous scope to expand this.

AVFPartnerships such as ours with AVF will help raise the profile of vertical farming and encourage its adoption, as well as support research into new and innovative methods.

"AVF is excited to get a company like Gonvarri Material on board, that has such a broad experience in storage solutions. They will clearly enhance the knowledge and cooperation base we offer for the multidisciplinary field of Vertical Farming." - Christine Zimmermann-Loessl, Chairwoman AVF

You can find more information about the Association for Vertical Farming here. To talk to Gonvarri Material Handling about our storage products and solutions, please get in touch.

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