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Dexion Legacy continues to thrive with a new name for the UK

In honour of our legacy, we will be trading under the name Dexion Material Handling Ltd, embracing our history that has built and developed us into who we are in the warehouse storage industry.  

Dexion Slotted Angle - the beginning of our journeyIt all began in London 1937, when Dexion first started out as a printing company, but it was our founder Demetrius Comino who discovered the need for storage racking that could quickly and easily be dismantled and reused. It was his ingenuity and tenacity that led to the design of the first adjustable storage solutions of its kind and cemented us within the storage solutions industry.

From 1947, Dexion Slotted Angle was introduced to the world and from there our legacy took off, blazing a trail for Dexion's purpose-built pallet racking and shelving systems. Over time we became a popular and well-recognised brand name for warehouse storage solutions, we expanded on our knowledge and expertise, growing from a small company in London to leaping across Europe and further afield.  

With the acquisition of Constructor Group in 1999, we underwent a change to our entity name, trading as Constructor Group UK Ltd. Although our name changed, we continued to thrive by supplying high-quality Dexion products and providing premium storage solutions to our customers.

P90 standard wide aisle with forklift We are proud of our heritage. Growing from a small company based in London, we have journeyed from pallet racking and shelving to a much broader range of solutions including semi-automation such as MOVO and storage machines to mezzanines and multi-tiers. Delivering a variety of solutions to ensure your business works efficiently and effectively.

Dexion Material Handling not only honours our legacy, but also embraces our past, present and future. Since 2018 we’ve been a member of Gonvarri Material Handling; it's important for us to acknowledge being a part of the group and celebrate that we are united in working towards a brighter and greener future.

We are continuing to build new relationships and strengthen existing ones with you our valued customers. Providing support and guiding you through your storage system journey with tailor made solutions to suit your specific need.

Our long history shows that we are more than just providers of storage solutions within the warehouse industry, we take you on a journey from start to finish and ensure that you are taken care of every step of the way.  

We are Dexion. 

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