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Dexion celebrates the Children’s day together with the youngsters

Various competitions were held on the First of June at Carbunarii Valley Resort in Rasnov, where the children could compete in various sporting competitions, ranging from running and bicycle racing to other fun-filled games.

Dexion Kids event 2018The event was attended by over 50 children aged 1 to 17, children and grandchildren of Dexion employees.

The youngsters enjoyed their day and all participants were rewarded as per their performance.

"It's the first time we organized such an event where children take center stage and their happiness rewarded our efforts in organizing the competition.

We hope it was a pleasant day for both children and their parents, an occasion where we could meet each other’s families and provide fun activities for Dexion's children on their special day, "said Lucian Cazacu, HR Manager for Dexion.

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