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Horizontal Carousel (HOCA) Automated Storage Machine

The Horizontal Carousel (HOCA) Automated Storage Machine is a computer-controlled storage and transfer solution that significantly improves the efficiency of product storage and picking.

The HOCA makes optimal use of existing room length when overhead space is limited or unavailable.

The HOCA is designed to keeps things moving; multiple HOCA systems working to one picking station ensures permanent access to stored goods. While the operator picks from one carousel, the other machines bring the next requested order to the access point with pinpoint accuracy.

HOCA offers the following benefits as standard:

  • Dramatically increases storage capacity through optimal use of available room depth
  • Achieves maximum storage density – saving up to 70% on floor space
  • Reduces walking and waiting times by up to 65%
  • Guarantees cost-effective warehousing and efficient picking processes.
  • Speeds up order throughput times and minimises picking errors
  • Delivers fast, efficient and accurate order performance

Standard Dimensions:

  • Bay height: from 1700 – 3900mm
  • Bat width: 830mm / 1010mm
  • Bay depth: 508mm / 608mm
  • Bay load capacity: 600kg
  • Voltage: 240v

Safety Features:

  • Sliding doors on machine's opening
  • Photo light cells for additional safety
  • Emergency buttons on machine's opening
  • Safety wiring around the machine

Control features:

  • TC1200 main control
  • Windows PC Platform (optional)
  • TC2000 WMS system (optional)
  • Manual drive & automatic usage