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Pallet Shuttle System

The Pallet Shuttle system is a semi-automated, high-density storage solution for the handling of goods inside channels, similar to a drive-in or pallet-flow setup.
Cost-effective and time-saving, Pallet Shuttle removes the need for forklift trucks to enter the aisles, making it a highly efficient alternative to live storage and drive-in racking.

First in? Last in? Either way, it's FAST

Operating at 35 metres per minute, the Pallet Shuttle System is one of the most efficient bulk storage solutions on the market.

It’s ability to combine different pallet types, located at varying distances, with storage lanes in excess of 50m, plus the added option to work either as First in, First out (FIFO) or as Last in, First out (LIFO) makes it a great alternative to conventional pallet racking configurations.

This high-density solution can significantly reduce the size of warehouse required and ultimately, reduce operational costs. Ideal for those whose storage requirements equate to bulk storage with a reduced SKU range.

More storage capacity than traditional pallet racking

Handles heavy pallets
with ease

Wide operational
temperature range

*Percentage based on a fixed size warehouse of 100m x 100m x 9m with 1.1m high Euro pallets

Why the Pallet Shuttle system is so good

This system eliminates the need for access lanes, reducing the overall storage area needed in a warehouse.

Once installed, the system can be used for both mixed and bulk storage and is equally suited to both LIFO and FIFO operations, removing many of the stocking limitations associated with Drive-in racking.

With the Pallet Shuttle System, you can improve the efficiency of your warehouse operations, with Return on Investment (RoI) typically being achieved over two years as opposed to four-to-five for alternative product types.

Racking System *Warehouse 100m x 100m x 9m with 1.1m high Euro pallets
Standard Wide Aisle Racking 20,000 pallets
Pallet-Flow System 36,000 pallets
Pallet Shuttle System 46,000 pallets

*example of the number of pallets that can be stored with different racking systems in a fixed size warehouse.

Fast, Efficient, Flexible

The Pallet Shuttle system increases the throughput of warehouse operations, with the option to add additional shuttles to the operation when market peaks or ongoing growth is experienced. This flexibility allows for better operational planning and smooth management of peaks - without the need for additional resource.

As the shuttles operate using an on-board Lithium Ion battery, operating range is increased and charging times are reduced – resulting in low energy cost requirements against significantly improved pallet movements.

Offering measurable workplace safety benefits, Pallet Shuttle enables your business to become more risk averse as the system reduces the hazard level of damage to the equipment and/or product and, most importantly, risk to operating staff.

Need more convincing?
Here’s just a few of Pallet Shuttles many benefits:

Cost effective
  • Optimised and efficient usage of space
  • Reduced operating costs
  • High operating speeds (eg. 30 pallets per hour per shuttle, compared to 15 per hour for Drive-In)
  • Reduced number of operators and forklifts required
  • Eliminates the need for special forklifts
Low Risk
  • Easy to use
  • No damage to the goods
  • Eliminates damage to the storage lanes compared to Drive-in
  • Low risk to operating staff
  • Fully developed, reliable system
  • Can be fully automated at a later stage
  • Powered by rechargeable long-life Lithium battery with a 5-year life expectancy
  • Lithium battery provides up to 12 hours per charge
  • Operating temperature ST: 0°C to +45°C / BZ: -1°C to -30°C / Hybrid model can be used in both temperature ranges

Handset Features

The Pallet Shuttle System is controlled by the operator via a lightweight, hand held radio control unit. The simple to use control includes features such as:

  • Automatic or Manual control function, so you can adjust operation of the shuttle according to the goods stored
  • Information is relayed from the shuttle and shown on the handset display
  • Lightweight, rechargeable, radio control handset
  • Easy operator usage, shuttle can be easily controlled from inside the truck
  • A handset can control up to 8 shuttles
  • Continuous operational in and out mode is available
  • Water and dust repellent in accordance with IP65 standards

A few Case Studies

Every year we help scores of companies to become more efficient and more productive. We provide storage products that provide long-term solutions to clients in every type of business. And as our case studies show, they are delighted with the result.

GC Rieber Salt, Norway

GC Rieber needed to expand their storage capacity whilst increasing picking rates and obtaining a better overview of all their products.

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HIT Trading, The Netherlands

HIT considered extending the premises, but felt this was a very big step to take. The company was keen to explore the possibility of other solutions first.

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Medz Europe, The Netherlands

The Medz Europe warehouse operation in The Netherlands needed to be run more efficiently, with optimum use made of its storage capacity.

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What our customers say

Our partnership approach is based on mutual trust and confidence. The high-quality solutions we develop in consultation with our customers make a genuine contribution to improving their business by providing a first-rate working environment.

“The biggest advantage we have achieved with the Shuttle system is space utilization. Another is that we only need 1 truck for handling. The shuttle picks up and brings pallets to and from picking opening.” -
Joacim Boivie, Arc E-Commerce
“This is the first shuttle installation in Denmark and it’s had a really positive impact on our business. The pay-back time for our investment is approximately three years, so we are happy with the installations in terms of how it has transformed our business and the short time in which it will pay for itself.” -
Jørgen Krenzen Johansen, COO, Lynddahl, Denmark.
“We’re really pleased with the solution. Thanks to Constructor, we have the optimum number of pallet spaces in a safe and efficient warehousing system that overcomes several logistical challenges in innovative and insightful ways.” -
Ellen Rognerud, Warehouse Manager, Telway.

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