Locker Accessories

Locker Accessories

  • LED Lights

    LED Lights

    An adhesive 3 LED light for the inside of the locker to aid internal visibility.

  • Sloping Tops

    Sloping Tops

    A sloping top on lockers prevents objects from being placed on top of them.

  • Hanging Rails

    Hanging Rails

    This can be placed between two lockers to create a garment hanging rail. Supplied with a sturdy base plate for the floor.

  • 3 Point Locking

    3 Point Locking

    A 3 point lock on metal storage lockers offers additional security for single and double tiered lockers.

  • Standard Cam Locks

    Standard Cam Locks

    A Standard Key Lock is provided on all Dexion Metal Lockers unless otherwise specified, other options may incur additional cost.

  • Hasp & Staple Locks

    Hasp & Staple Locks

    A no cost option on metal storage lockers, providing a padlock locking point.

  • Digital Combination locks

    Digital Combination locks

    Simple to program and operate, with over 40,000 combinations. Batteries last up to 15,000 operations. No more lost keys!

  • Coin/Token Return Locks

    Coin/Token Return Locks

    Locks suitable for leisure or sports lockers, requiring a coin or token to be used for key removal.

  • 4 Digit Reprogramable Locks

    4 Digit Reprogramable Locks

    4 rotating number dials allowing a personal combination to be set and changed when required.

  • Combination Locks

    Combination Locks

    A simple and effective 3 digit code, making losing keys a thing of the past. Master override keys are sold separately.