• Warehouse Optimisation - The Trade-offs

Warehouse Optimisation - The Trade-offs

Warehouse Optimisation - The Trade-offs

Warehouse and storage management is all about trade-offs. Whether you are trading cubic utilisation against slower retrieval times, or speed of retrieval against cost and capacity, there is no single ‘right’ answer or a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach. Mark Cummings, Sales Manager from Dexion, UK - experts in warehousing solutions for over 60 years - takes a look at some of the variables that businesses should consider before committing to their final storage and racking solutions.

Know your business

If you are looking for effective storage optimisation, you first need to have a clear idea about the objectives you want to achieve from your warehousing. Does your business need to move high quantities of low value items, or low quantities of high value items? Do you have specialised goods that require equally specialised storage?

Increasing your warehouse efficiency also means thoroughly understanding the parameters within which you are working. Warehouse layout, materials flow, handling equipment, picking methods, and safety systems are all issues that will influence the choice of storage or racking system.

Weighing up the options

With your objectives agreed and parameters set, you can now consider the different racking and shelving solutions to match your particular business needs. Remember that it will always be a trade-off and there will never be just one way of configuring your warehouse – only a shortlist of options that suit your business more than others.

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